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Today’s sophisticated, educated and product savvy clients are going to the greatest lengths to find the best of the best products to care for their faces and bodies. Building the connection between the healthy skin and healthy body is paramount. We see more awareness in product choices made by customers who realize that what we put on our body really matters. The “old days” of polluting our skin and bloodstream (read organs) with parabens, glycols, petrolatum/mineral oils, silicones, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances are OVER (at least for many of us). Skin is the most permeable organ in our body which means it absorbs chemicals we put on relatively fast. Healthy skin reflects internal health is a philosophical foundation Pure Skincare and Spa is built on.

PURE obsesses over making sure that only truly pure, natural and organic brands have a place at PURE Skincare and Spa.  

PURE is also an advocate for animals. Products that use ingredients tested on animals or derived from dead animals (such as collagen) are not part of our store.  

BEAUTY is joyous and  happy with no room for harm. 



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