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Phenomé - the earth's friend


We approach the production of Phenomé cosmetics in a responsible manner. We try to produce as little waste as possible to help our planet - at least a little bit. How do we do it?

  1. The packaging in which we send online orders is made from paper produced from FSC-certified forest wood. Such certification means that care is taken for forest regeneration and ethical employment.
  2. The glue used for the boxes is a plant-based. Natural adhesives degrade to biomass without damaging the soil.
  3. The inks used for printing on the box and the poly mailer are natural water-based inks. Such inks do not emit harmful organic compounds during printing and drying process. They are safe for both people and the natural environment.
  4. Our poly mailer is made of biodegradable foil made of recyclable starch. It should be disposed of in BIO waste.
  5. The filler, which you may think to be styrofoam... is actually made of cornstarch. It is 100% biodegradable and suitable for composting. It should also be thrown into BIO waste bins.
  6. The adhesive tape around the packages is made of paper not plastic.
  7. We take part in the afforestation of the planet. The supplier of our paper packaging, in cooperation with One Tree Planted, has already planted 1,675 trees. The symbol "You helped plant a tree" on your online store box is a sign that another tree has been planted in the world.
  8. The packaging of our cosmetics is made of recycled (PCR) and recyclable plastic or glass.
  9. Cardboard boxes protecting glass jars are also made of FSC-certified paper.
  10. No animals were harmed in the production of our cosmetics and packaging. All our skincare is vegan.
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