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Natural and organic raw ingredients


We carefully select our natural raw materials to ensure that the vast majority of our supplies originate from renewable sources and certified organic plantations. Organic certification means that no chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides have been used in growing the plants. Unhurried, the plants reach maturity in natural conditions, gaining more and more life-giving power day by day.

We strive to ensure that the majority of the plant-derived raw materials used in the manufacture of Phenomé cosmetics are processed exclusively through very basic physical processes such as pressing, filtration, distillation, or drying. We are thus able to offer nature’s riches in their most authentic, purest form without the use of any chemicals.

None of the ingredients we use comes from genetically modified plants.

We never conduct animal testing, nor do we use any ingredients derived from dead animals. We consider animals to be an integral part of the natural environment.

We manufacture our products paying special attention to the specific recommendations and standards developed by international bodies which certify natural and organic cosmetics (including Cosmos, NaTrue, Ecocert and BdiH). The organic standards slightly differ from one another, but in general follow the same principle: natural and organic cosmetic products may only be produced from strictly specified raw materials which mostly originate from natural sources and are entered in the lists of cosmetic ingredients approved by the certifiers.

At the same time, the standards generally exclude the possibility of using the majority of synthetic raw materials that are common ingredients in conventional cosmetic products. Although the lists of approved cosmetic ingredients do mention several substances which originate from sources other than natural ones, any such ingredients are carefully selected and thoroughly tested for their safety for human use and the natural environment. These substances may only be used if no effective alternative of natural origin can be found to replace them.

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